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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 22nd May

Well Year 5…we made it! That’s another half term done although it was a short one. Your work has been absolutely fantastic and I continue to be impressed with the way you have carried on and worked hard at home. I have loved receiving your blogs and emails and you really should be proud of yourself. You certainly have a proud teacher who misses you all lots. There is however one more day to go and although it’s Friday and the last day before half term, let’s make it a good one and work hard. Below are your lessons for today PLUS a TTRS battle which I would like you all to join in with.

LO – To read and respond to a free verse poem

Our last day with a Titanic focus! I know you have enjoyed learning about this and I wish we could have done more about it in school. Today, I would like you to read the poem called Titanic’s Rest. It is a very powerful poem with brilliant language used in it. It is something called a free verse poem. This means it doesn’t rhyme or use a certain structure.

When you have read the poem, I would like you to answer the questions below. You can write these in your books and send a picture or email them/blog them. Some of the questions mention the word ‘stanza’ which means a set of lines in a poem. It is similar to a verse.


  1. What are the ‘dream-chasers’ that the poem writes about in the first stanza?
  2. What does the poem mean by ‘black swell’?
  3. Find and copy the line/lines that indicate the circumstances have changed dramatically in this poem.
  4. Look at stanza 6. How does she know ‘that the dream she was sailing towards would never be reached? Used evidence to support your answer.
  5. Many examples of personification (giving an object a human characteristic) have been used in this poem. Find and copy 3 examples.
  6. The poet uses a metaphor in the following lines:


‘Water started to flood into her, Menacingly rushing through her veins.’


What are the ‘veins’ representing in this metaphor and what impact does this have?

7. Explain the meaning of forlornly.

8. Find and copy a phrase from stanza 6 that shows people became worried quickly.

9. Find and copy 3 words that show the Titanic herself was sad about sinking.

10. Using evidence to support your ideas, describe the overall effect of this poem. What impact do you think the poet was going for?


Extra Challenge

If you want to carry on your English learning for today, why don’t you write your own poem on the Titanic? It can be in any style you want. There are some brilliant ones on the internet.

LO – To solve a range of problems involving adding and subtracting fractions.

1. Participate in the TTRS battle. I will be checking who has!

2. Click on the link below that will take you to your Math’s work for today. You’ve all done well over the last 2 weeks revisiting equivalent fractions and addition/subtraction. Remember, before you can add or subtract, you need to make sure they are LIKE FRACTIONS (where they have the same denominator).

Mark your work when you have finished and email/blog me your score.

LO – To understand how to keep safe online.

This is something we talk a lot about when we are at school and I hope you are all remembering the rules to keep safe online when you are at home. I know you may be spending a lot more time online whilst doing your school work at home and it is vital you keep safe.


I would like you to go onto Education City and find today’s computing work under ‘Classwork.’ Complete the activities and have a go at the worksheet. If you have a printer, print the worksheet out and cut out the cards to sort. Don’t worry if you don’t, number them and then you can decide which numbers go into positive/safe digit behaviour and which go into negative/unsafe digital behaviour. You don’t need to write them all out.


If any of the games say ‘get adobe flash player’ click on it and then click allow once and it will work. Remember I am tracking who completes this so please make sure you do.


I hope you have a wonderful half term with your families and have a well-earned rest. I shall be ready to be a virtual teacher again on Monday 1st June. Miss Hartley x

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