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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Year 6!

GREAT NEWS! Mr Boris Johnson has announced that ALL children are to return to school on the 8th of March. This is fabulous as we will all be in school together in only 2 weeks time. This is definitely something to look forward to. Meanwhile, we will still keep learning at home.

Well done on yesterday's work all those that blogged and emailed. We enjoyed a super Teams Meeting too! Your spellings work was great and I hope you enjoyed the David Attenborough 'A Perfect Planet' film clip. In maths, you were good at recalling the units of measure for length. You learnt lots of fabulous facts in your geography lesson and there were some amazing Kahoot scores. Giuseppe and Kainen scored 100% - FABULOUS!! What learning have you got today? Come on, get your books and pens out and let's get going...



Today's exercise choices:

1. Go outside for a refreshing walk. (Wasn't the sunshine great yesterday?)

2. Click on the link to Go Noodle and complete 3 of your favourite routines.

3. Have a go at the Bingo Challenge Mr Steele has put on the main Class Page - this looks fun!



Well done everyone who logged in to getepic yesterday. Our top reader was Giuseppe who has been enjoying the 'Weird but True' Non-Fiction books. We need more of you to log in and read tomorrow to start increasing our total towards 400 books.

Aim for 10 - 15 minutes of reading each day and this target is achievable.


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 23-2-21 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.



LO: To convert between metric units of length

We are flying over to the Oak Academy to see Miss Darwish, your maths teacher for today's lesson. She is going to teach you how to convert between units of metric measure. You will need to use your place value knowledge in order to achieve this LO.

Complete the initial quiz and then the questions she asks you to do.

Then I want you to choose one of the worksheets below to practice converting between units of metric measure. Most people will choose the top one. If you are struggling, choose the second LA sheet. Blog or email me your work.


LO: To recognise the progressive tense

Today's lesson starter is to recognise the progressive or continuous tense. It's something that you use ALL the time. If you see a verb ending with '-ing', for example, singing, running or playing, the progressive tense has been used. Look at the table below to see the verb 'to walk' first of all in the simple tense then in the progressive tense. Notice that we need to use 'helper' verbs for the progressive tense, for example I am walking, I was walking or I will be walking. Click on the worksheet to see what your task is on this starter activity.

LO: To make notes

The main part of today's English lesson involves you researching and making notes on climate change. We introduced this issue yesterday. Here's what you need to do:

1. Click on the first link below to see a text about Climate Change. Read this document carefully and record important facts in bullet point form under the headings they provide.

2. Click on the second link to watch a clip about Climate change. Add to your notes with this extra information.

(The word document under these 2 links gives a structure for your note taking). 

Blog or email both English tasks in the normal way.


LO: To be able to say what type of house you live in

In our lesson today we are going to be expanding on the topic of 'Where I live', by looking at our local town and where it is located.

There is a video to watch on the school video page, it is in the French Homelearning Section, and clearly marked as 'Year 6 Ou habites tu'.

The most important part of the lesson today is to make a note of all the new vocabulary and what it means. This can be done by pausing the video as you watch, or waiting until the end where there is a summary slide with all the vocabulary on one page.

Once you have completed the vocabulary list, and practised saying all the words, the second part of the task is to describe the 4 different places to live shown in the pictures at the end of the video. 

Once you have completed the tasks on the video, your final task is to describe where you live. You should include the country, town and where the town is located.

Blog or email this work in the normal way.

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