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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday June 3rd

Good Morning Year 1


I spent the day in school yesterday and collected some more stories to read. I will attach one about Time today as we have been looking at this this week I think.laugh


After some Joe Wicks or Kidz Bop or even Maximo this morning (I'll let you choose!) we have work to do.


Our Phonics work is on Education City today and uses the sounds we have been looking at this week. Can you read and use these sounds correctly? The work is called 'au' and 'aw' and 'ou' and 'ow'. Remember the sounds!


Then for Maths I would like you to think even further about time and talk about it.


 This activity will help your child practise telling the time from a clock face, to the hour (‘o’clock’) and half hour (‘half past’).

 Important words and phrases:

  … o’clock

 half past …

  hour hand

  minute hand


 You will need:

Pictures below


What to do:

 Use the picture cards Below

  Talk with your child about what is happening in the pictures.

  For each picture, ask: “What time is it? How do you know?” Encourage your child to explain how the positions of the clock hands show what time it is.

 You can help by reminding them:

 o “When the minute hand is at 12, we say it is o’clock.” 

o “When the minute hand is at 6, we say it is half past.”

  Ask your child why the pictures are in this order.

  Encourage your child to tell you the story of what happened at the sports day.

Ask questions about the times, for example:

 o “What happened at 2 o’clock?”

  o “What time was the egg and spoon race?”

o “What do you think happens at half past 3?” 

 You could encourage your child to draw and colour in the pictures, cut them out and stick them on a piece of card, again, in the correct order.


Talk about

 Use everyday opportunities to talk with your child about what time things happen at.

 For example:

o “School starts at 9 o’clock.” 

o “What time do we usually have dinner?”

 o When there is a clock face showing an ‘o’clock’ or ‘half past’ time: “What time is it? How do you know?”

Look out for:

 For now, make sure that you use the phrases ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’, and to avoid saying, for example, ‘twelve thirty’ or (for the hour) just ‘twelve’.

 Ensure that your child notices that at ‘half past’ the hour the hour hand is exactly half way between the two hour numbers on the








Finally today I would like you to think about how we treat each other. What choices we can make and how we can make others happy or sad by the choices and decisions we make. Think about times either at home with family or in school with friends that you could have made a good or bad choice or decision. Talk about it. Think carefully about it.

 Look at this picture and think about what may have happened. What are the children doing?


What is the best way for them to behave with one another?

What may happen if they don't play nicely with each other?

How may one or more of them become sad?


If we upset or hurt one another with words or actions we need to say what?

I would like you to write the word


in large letters in the middle of a page of your Yellow workbook and around it write some reasons why we might be sorry. Why may we have to say sorry?

You may use colours if you wish to. Draw some pictures of you and your family or friends too.


Mr Clough, George and I are just off to take the chicks to our field to live with the big hens. They will need to stay away from them inside the Pen for a while until the larger ones get used to them and then they will be together. I will send you some pictures.wink


Thank you Year 1

Enjoy Wednesday

Love Mrs Cloughheart








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