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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 5th May

Task 1: Find the Weekly Story icon (on the previous page) and click it to listen to Mrs Barker talk about the VE Day photographs and information. Listen and look carefully! The icon looks like this....

Task 2: Education City - language of size

Task 3: VE Day Picnic Planning


Can you think of a traditional party game that you and your family could play at the VE Day picnic? 

  • What about pass the parcel, musical chairs, musical mats, or statues? 
  • You could ring or facetime your Grandma or Grandad to ask them what party game they used to like playing when they were little.
  • Think about the rules for playing the game and what you would need. 
  • If you need music maybe you could ask your Mummy or Daddy to help you search for some 1940s songs from the first VE day celebrations. 
  • It may help you to get organised if you draw what you will need for the game in your book. 
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