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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 1st July

Happy Wednesday you have made it to the half way point of the week! You are working so hard well done! Keep reading, blogging, emailing, TTRS and keep active! 

Keep going with the PE and challenges!

Still not enough children are blogging me or logging onto TT RockStars, it is really important that you do!

Don't forget to keep up with the Lancashire Virtual Sports Day events and Dance!

Here are today's tasks:



Task 1: Maths

LO: To add two or more fractions

To access today’s Maths click on the links below:

One is the video lesson

One is the work sheets to complete

One is the answers
Watch the video lesson, then click on the activity PDF. You can either print of the work sheet and complete the work, or copy the answers into your exercise book. After you can check your answers with an adult clicking on the answers sheet! BUT NO CHEATING! Enjoy!


Task 2: English

LO: Writing Practice

Log onto Education City: click on class work then on English Task: Wednesday 1st July and complete all the activities and only use the answer sheets to check your answers! It looks like this:


Task 3: Music

LO: Indian Music

This week we are staying in Asia but moving to the west of the continent and the country of India. You have two tasks today.

The first task is to watch the video clip of the 10 most popular Indian instruments and write a list of all 10 in your books. Then choose your 3 favourite instruments and explain why you have chosen them.

Your second task is to look at the three Chinese instruments we learned about last lesson. Are any of the Indian instruments similar? If you find any that are similar, write them down and say which Chinese instrument they are similar to.

Please remember to send in any comments on the music blog, or pictures of your work by email to Mr Steele.

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