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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Herbie visits Mrs Carlile

Herbie was so excited to go home for the weekend with Mrs Carlile.  He travelled in his car seat and had a BBQ on Friday night.  He met Mr Carlile, Fidget the fish and Bertie the dog. 


However, Bertie is a rather special doggy and although he really liked Herbie, he became anxious after a few hours of meeting him and refused to go upstairs to bed as Herbie was there.  Mrs Carlile had to ask Herbie to play a very long game of hide and seek for the rest of the weekend so that Bertie didn't get too stressed and hurt Herbie!


However, before this, he enjoyed a BBQ.  Mr Carlile cooked him some of his favourite foods, spinach, veggie burgers, veggie sausages and homemade potato salad.  Mrs Carlile is a herbivore too like Herbie!  Mr Carlile and Bertie enjoyed their steak and chicken.  


After the BBQ, Herbie watched a bit of TV, climbed the stairs, learnt how to brush his teeth and snuggled down for a good nights sleep.

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