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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 4th May

Good Morning Year 3!!

Welcome to another fun filled week of home learning! This week we have 4 days of learning, as it is a Bank Holiday on Friday.

We will be focusing a lot on VE day this week as it is the 75th Anniversary on Friday. 

We have lots of fun activities planned this week, with a special guest joining our learning tomorrow! I wonder who it could be!!

Remember to always do the following every day:

- Read

- Practise your spellings (I have posted them on the blog)

- Play on Times Table Rock Stars for 15mins. 


Here are today's learning tasks...

Love Miss Townson heart


Today we are going to do an arithmetic paper. Follow the link below and either print it out or write your answers in your work books.

Maths Arithmetic Test


LO: To reflect on how one person can make a difference.

All of our English work this week is going to be based about VE day. On Friday this week, we have a Bank Holiday as it is 75 years since World War 2 ended. The day the War was announced as being over was called VE Day which stands for Victory in Europe. First of all, I want you to read the information below on Captain Tom. I’m sure you have seen his picture in the news a lot recently! Captain Tom was in the armed forces during World War 2 and he is now 100 years old! He has just raised £30million for the NHS walking around his garden! What a fantastic man! On his birthday, the RAF flew two spitfire planes over his house as a celebration… watch them below!


I would like you to use the internet today to research Captain Tom’s fundraising journey. Then make a poster with pictures/drawings/information all about Captain Tom and the work he has done to raise money.


Email me your work or post it on the blog!

Captain Tom Information Poster

RAF flypast and PM tribute for Captain Tom Moore's 100th birthday 💯🎂🎖️🛩️ - BBC Breakfast | BBC


Today, we are also going to look at something linked to Captain Tom in History too. I would like you to do some research on the ranks in the army. I have posted a few websites below that will be useful.


I would like you to write this information in your work books, writing the different ranks in order with their symbols and a few facts about each rank.

Captain Tom was obviously a Captain, however on his 100th birthday he was promoted to Colonel, how fantastic! Finally, answer this question in your workbooks…


If you had to be in the army, which rank would you choose? And why?


Show me your work on either the blog or my email!



Below I have attached some colourings, I would like you to choose one and colour it in (either print it out or colour it on the computer).

These are linked to the Beatitudes, but they are heroes that are helping us in this crisis now. See if you can work out what each picture represents.

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