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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 18th January

Good morning Year 5! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Welcome to week 3 of home learning! I have been so impressed with your efforts so far and I am looking forward to receiving more excellent work this week. There were some brilliant discussion texts last week and I was impressed with your diagrams of the water cycle.


If any of you want more work to keep yourselves busy during the school day, I have added a new page to our class called ‘Extra Work.’ I know some of you have been asking so there are some more tasks on there. I will keep updating it!


Please remember that the tasks I set you are not optional. You must complete your work and send it in by email or the blog. Libby, Darcie, Lucius and Isabelle made excellent use of the blog last week and most of you sent your work in by email which is brilliant. You need to make sure you do this every day. This also goes for those of you who are in school some days and at home other days.


Below are your lessons for today. As usual, alongside this, I would like you to go on GETEPIC, TTRS and read Danny the Champion of the World.



LO – To answer a range of questions based on a text.

Today’s English lesson is a reading lesson. The document below has 2 texts for you to read. One is a poem and one is a non-fiction text. You need to read each text carefully and then answer the questions. You can then mark your work and let me know how you do!

LO – To use a formal method of addition.

This week in Maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction using formal methods which will then lead on to multi-step word problems. For today’s lesson, watch the video below which will guide you through your learning. Then I would like you to complete the worksheet below and mark it when you have finished.

Add whole numbers with more than 4 digits

This activity is optional if you finish your work quickly. Click on the link below which will take you to your questions. Being the excellent mathematicians that you are, I know a lot of you will give this a go!

LO – To identify different types of forces

In today’s lesson we will look at the different types of forces. In Key Stage 1, you will have learnt that forces are a push or a pull. Today we are going to expand on that and look at the names of different forces and how they act.  Please watch the two video clips below AND read the information on the slides. Read it slowly and carefully as you will need this information for your tasks.

What Is A Force?

Common Forces

Then you have 2 tasks that you MUST complete and then there is an optional task if you wish.

1. I would like you to write definitions for each of the forces below. You may draw diagrams if you wish to.


  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Air Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Upthrust/Buoyancy


2. Open up the document below which shows you pictures of different forces in action. I would like you to label the force shown in the box for each picture. Please don’t worry if you cannot print off the sheet. Just number each picture and then write which force it is showing.


OPTIONAL ACTIVITY. Open up the document below which tells a short story involving different forces. Identify and explain the forces that are being applied.



Have a brilliant, hardworking day. I am looking forward to receiving your work.

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