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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Lesson 1:


LO: To change a sprite on Scratch and give it simple instructions.

Go to the Scratch website. I have put the link below. Log in using our class log in:

Username: sjbyear3

Password: scratch


I would then like you to change the sprite to one of your choice. 

Next, I want you to give the sprite a simple set of instructions to allow it to move. 

Experiment with the commands so that when it hits the edge, it bounces. Remember you need to drag and drop the instructions into the middle section. 



Lesson 2:


LO: To give commands to two sprites. 


Go to the scratch website again and log in with the same details as above. 

This time I would like you to choose 2 sprites instead of just one. I would like you to give them instructions to make them move in opposite directions. Can you make them both bounce when they hit the edge?

Can you experiment with the sprite changing direction when it bounces?



Lesson 3:


LO: To use the keyboard to control the sprite.


Go to the scratch website again and log in with the same details as above. 

Today, I would like you to create your own sprite again and then find the commands that allow you to control the sprite with your keyboard. For example: 'When space key is pressed' 'move 10 steps' 


See if you can give it commands to move in different directions with the arrow keys! 


Have fun! 




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