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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Year 6!

I am missing calling the register in the mornings. So today, I will imagine this in my head. "Daniel, a determiner please."

Daniel says, "Eleven!" Now everyone is a little cross because they can't say a number and have to remember the other types!! Oh no! Just in case you have forgotten, they are: articles, demonstratives, possessives and quantifiers. Everyone choose your determiner! Now, I feel better, so let's start working...


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 5-5-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.



PE Skills Week

This week we will focus on some PE skills that you could practice at home with your family. Just use any equipment that you can find. If you don’t have a tennis racket, you could use a kitchen tray or just your hand. If you don’t have a ball, scrunch up a piece of paper. If you don't have PE cones, just use any object to mark out your goal. Today’s game is called: Find a Goal. Click on the link below which teaches you how to play. Let me know how you get on!

Don't forget to click on the link below to access PE Lessons with Joe Wicks. 


L.O Angles in a Triangle

Today you are going to learn about angles in a triangle. Go to the MATHS FOLDER on the Y6 CLASS PAGE and you will see a link to a video. Watch the video first. Once you have watched the video look at the slides underneath. Slides 6,7,8 & 9 have your questions for today. Please do the work in your maths book. You can type your answers into the BLOG or send a picture of your book. Each question only needs you to calculate what the missing angle is, so you can just write on the BLOG a) X=?

There are a couple of extension activities that you can have a go at if you need something to do.


LO: To use colons, semicolons and dashes

Log on to Education City and complete the punctuation activity called: Jungle Dash.

LO: To use grammar skills

Go to the English folder underneath the date folders on the Year 6 website page to find your work for today. There are 3 short grammar tasks for you to complete in your red exercise books or on a word document. Attach your answers to the blog or email them to me.



LO: To understand the ‘layering’ technique

Over the weekend, I asked you to find a simple paint package on your laptop, tablet or phone. If you are using a laptop to complete your digital art, Microsoft Paint should already be saved onto your device. In the search box next to Start on the taskbar on the bottom of your screen, type 'paint' and then select Paint from the list of results.

If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, you need to search the app store for 'brushes' or something similar. Remember to choose a FREE one. As long as your app has a few different brush types and you can change the colour that is fine.

Before you start today’s task, make sure you have tried finding and experimenting with different brushes and colours to use on the package of your choice.

Today, your task is to copy a landscape picture step by step using the 'layering' technique. Click on the link below to watch a clip of a lovely, little old lady called Jeanie Mellersh creating David Hockney i-pad art using the layering technique. If she can do it, you can!

When you have watched it, go to the Art folder underneath the date folders on the Year 6 website page to find your task. When you have finished, take a photograph or screen shot of your artwork if you can and attach it to the blog or email it to me. Enjoy!


LO: To investigate VE Day

Hello Year 6. This week are are going to investigate any similarities or differences in the way in which VE day is celebrated in the UK and France. As you know, VE day will be marked on Friday, with this year being extra special as it is 75 years since World War 2 ended. The word document has some information about VE day celebrations in France - you need to read this information. The power point sets out the task you need to complete. You will need to use your own knowledge or research how Victory In Europe day is celebrated in the UK, and then you can compare this to the information you will have read about France on the word document.

Send in your work in the usual way - comments on my blog post or emails to your class teacher.

Mrs M.

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