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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 1st April

Year 4 - You are all doing some fantastic work I am extremely proud of all the amazing work you are doing. Your attitude and determination is awesome! Today's tasks can be completed in your exercise books and online, can you please comment on my Thursday blog post when you have completed a task. Or even better get an adult to email me a picture of your work if you like. I will post pictures on our class page of photos your adults send me via email:

I look forward to seeing all your work! Keep active and why not help your adults at home with any jobs!

PS. Happy Birthday to Mr Steele, it is a shame I'm not in school with you guys to share some treats. I'll keep them for when we are back in class!



No Maths task today but please can you all at least do 15 minutes on  soundcheck on TT Rockstars. Thank You Year 4!


Task 1: English

LO: To complete a reading comprehension

From the KS2 English Comprehension Year 4 Targeted Question Book in your folders, complete Geocaching Comprehension activity on pages 4-5. Don’t forget the put the Date at the top of the page.  Please read through the text carefully and keep going back to the text after you have read each question! The answers are in the text! 
You may want to draw me a picture of what you think a GPS system might look like when you have done and email your master pieces! Good Luck and well done everyone!


Task 2 Music

Music task from Mrs Miskell

In class we have been using lots of different rhythms to create our samba pieces. Today I'd like you to have a go at writing your own 8 bar rhythms.


 -  one bar is 4 beats, so you will need 32 beats altogether

 - a crotchet is the same as MARS

 - two quavers are the same as KITKAT

 - four semi quavers are the same as DOUBLE DECKER




When you have composed your rhythms, see if you can teach your family how to clap them. You could even try performing your rhythms in a round!


If you have any pictures of your work or your performance please comment them on Mr Miskell's blog post: - I'd love to see your compositions.


Task 3: Computing

LO: To understand networks

Log onto Education City and under class work you will see Computing Task: Wednesday 1st April complete all activities and complete the PDF questions sheets into your exercise book!

Thank you Year 4 keep up the good work!

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