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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 3!

I enjoyed hearing from lots of you on Monday and seeing your super work. 

Please make sure you either email or contact me on the blog at least once every day so I can see your work. 

Today your 5 tasks are:

1. Maths

2. English

3. French

4. PE



Remember to email me your work at


Have a wonderful day,

Love Mrs Sethi x


LO: To compare multiplication and division statements.



Today you are going to use your times table facts to compare statements. That means thinking about whether something is bigger or smaller. Remember the crocodile symbols – I have attached a reminder below.

Watch the video first and then complete the worksheet either on the sheet or into your homework book. 

Comparing statements

LO: To create your own dictionary.

Today Year 3, you are going to write your own dictionary! A dictionary is used to help us understand the meanings of words. I have written a list of words beneath that I would like you to write your own definition of. Try not to use a dictionary or the internet, I want you to write the meanings in your own words. I would like you to set it out like you would in a dictionary… here’s an example:


Cat: A small furry animal that people keep as pets.


As an extra challenge, I have also attached a matching game. You have to match the definition to the word, they are tricky!!! You can either print them off and play the matching game, or try and do it on the screen.

Words to write definitions

Challenge: Dictionary matching game



We are starting our new topic today - learning about animals in French. Your tasks are on the powerpoint below. The first few slides introduce the French words for different animals. make sure you have the presentation viewed as a slide show, and that you click the audio button on the slide to hear me saying the French words.

The first exercise needs you to read a sentence and decide which animal is the one mentioned in the sentence, for example "which animal is the cat?". All you need to do is write down the letter of the correct animal. Please blog or email your answers to these questions.

The second exercise will give you a choice of two animals and you have to choose the correct one, and write a short sentence using 'c'est' meaning it is. For these questions the answer will appear on the slide so you can mark them yourself!

PE - Family workout!

Get your heart rate up in your living room with this fun workout from Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer. Featuring cardio moves that feel like games and chal...

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