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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 16th June

Hello Year 5! Happy Tuesday. Thank you for working so hard at home. Your emails and blog posts really make me smile and I look forward to receiving them every day. I received some lovely English work yesterday and I’m looking forward to receiving some more today.


Alongside completing the tasks I set you, don’t forget to:

* Read

* Play on TTRS

* Keep active and get some exercise.


Here are your lessons for today. Have a wonderful, hardworking day and don’t forget to email me your work or upload it to the blog.

LO – To use descriptive language to write a setting description

Re-watch the clip ‘Lighthouse’ from yesterday’s lesson. I want you to particularly look at the setting of the village and where the lighthouse is. What time of year do you think it is? I thought it could maybe be Christmas time or New Year as the villagers look like they are celebrating!


Now look at the image of a village at night shown below and think about how it is shown in the clip. How would you describe it? What descriptive language and techniques could you use to really interest the reader?

Now read the example setting description below. Can you spot where I have used:

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Personification
  • Preposition phrases
  • Short, snappy sentences
  • A relative clause?

Today, I would like you to write the setting description of the village which would accompany the beginning of the video clip. Use the example as inspiration and really try to vary your sentence structure. Can you go on to describe the inside of the lighthouse? For example the books on the bookshelf, bed in the corner, ship’s wheel etc. 


Please make sure you email these to me or post them on the blog. 


LO – To add decimals with different numbers of decimal places

Well done with your Maths work yesterday. You all seemed to manage it fine. Today you are going to continue to add decimals however with different numbers of decimal places. Click on the link to take you to the White Rose website and look for Summer Term – Week 8 (w/c 15th June). Watch the video for Lesson 4.

Then complete the worksheet I have uploaded below. Have a go and do your best. Mark your work and send me your score through the blog or by email.

LO – To use the verb ‘jouer’ to say which instrument you play.

In today's lesson we are going to learn some new vocabulary for musical instruments, and then we are going to learn how to use 'jouer de' to say which instruments you play (for the purpose of the lesson you will all play an instrument - it doesn't matter that you are making it up, it is just to practice the phrases!!) For each new instrument you need to practise saying the words in French.


Open the PowerPoint below and read through it. On the final slide is a table to help you write some phrases about the instruments you play and the music you like. Please write 4 sentences using the table to guide you, and if you listen to the audio on the final slide you will hear me saying a sentence as an example. You need to click on ‘Slideshow from beginning’ to hear the audio.


Please remember to share your hard work on the comments of the French blog, or by email to Miss Hartley!

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