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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 15th June

Good Morning Everyone! We hope you are all bright and cheery this morning......Remember to look at the Daily Rhymes and the Weekly Story sections on the previous menu:

Task 1: Phonics - Initial sounds - What sound do the names of these animals begin with?

Task 2: Education City - Maths - Understanding language of size and amount

Task 3 - Physical development

Practice moving your body in different ways. This mini exercise class is especially made for Nursery children using all the physical skills we work hard at developing.

You will need a large ball for the second part and plenty of space, so move your sofa back and get moving! 

Once you have watched and joined in once, you may want to repeat your favourites or trickiest outside.

Remember to ask your grown up to send us pictures of how well you did! ( Oh and one more thing- imagine it is Mrs Barker and Miss Kidd giving out hugs at the end!) heart

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