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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 6th April

Good Morning Year 6!

Welcome to Week 3 of on-line learning. This week is always a special week for our school because it is Holy Week so make especially sure that you keep the NHS workers in your prayers and any family that is struggling at this difficult time.

You are getting used to the routine now of where to find your work and how to keep up your high standards. Everyone needs to keep up with their learning and you need to communicate this through our Year 6 Blogs and through our email.

Mrs Jones

Mrs Baird

 Mrs Baird and I love our jobs and we only want the best for you and your education. So get logged on and start the week in style with a good exercise lead by Joe Wicks!!


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 6-4-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.




Click on the link to access PE with Joe Wicks today. If you have been keeping up with this, you must be super fit by now!



MATHS L.O Mixed Reasoning Questions


Every Monday you will have a choice of two activities plus a TTRS BATTLE.


Do the next test out of your MATHS BOOK 1 SAT BUSTER 10-Minute Tests.

Set A Test 4. Ask someone to mark it for you, the answers are in the back of the book. Please send me a BLOG telling me how many you got right out of 10.


If you are finding the 10min tests too easy then do this activity instead. There is a PDF with 10 advanced questions (click below) Answers are also included. Once you have finished ask someone to mark it for you and send me a BLOG telling me how many you got right out of 10.

Don't forget to tell me if you did the advanced questions. 


I’ve set up a battle on Times Table Rock Stars. Boys against Girls. It will only last for 1 day and opens at 9.00am so make sure you don’t miss it.  I’ll post the winner tomorrow. Our battle with Year 5 on Friday wasn't great. Y5 won 5831. Y6 scored 3816. Oliver and Lillia scored most of those point. Come on Year 6. 



LO: To use a dictionary

Write these words and their definitions in your red ruled exercise book or on the blog. If you don’t have a dictionary at home, use an online one.

These are your words: bandit, haughty, thrifty, dervish, astrakhan, disarray, corps and plunder.

LO: To make a prediction

Read our next 1001 Arabian Nights story called Ali Baba and the Forty Bandits. It is saved in the English folder on our Year 6 website page underneath the date folders. Shahrazad weaves another enticing tale for her husband King Shahryar in order to save her life and once again, she leaves the story on a cliff-hanger. This is so the king will let her live in order to tell the story’s end the next day.


After reading this story, your task is to predict how it will end. Use clues from the story to inform your prediction. Write a paragraph that explains your prediction in your red ruled exercise book (photograph it and send a copy by email or on the blog) or write it on the blog.


LO: To use persuasive language

Today, you are going to find out about a very special place in AD 900 Baghdad called the House of Wisdom.


Watch the clips using the links below. 


Read the information in the History folder on the Year 6 page of our website.


Create a prospectus (persuasive information sheet), detailing reasons why people should study at the House of Wisdom. On the slides in the history folder, there is an outline of the information sheet you should use. There are five boxes to fill in. Your subjects for the boxes could be: an introduction, algebra, map-making, engineering and astronomy. Copy this into your red ruled exercise book and fill in your persuasive details or you could create a word document of your own and email this to me.

(Remember to use the language from when we persuaded people to visit our mountains).



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