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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Year 2!


Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to 


I am consistently monitoring your activity on online resources. Please make sure you’re accessing your daily tasks.





Wednesday 6Th May     06/05/2020


Wednesday morning PE Lesson!


Click on the link below, scroll down to the 'Channels' section and find 'Zumba kids' (bottom right). I would like you to play 'I Like To Move It' first, then you can choose ANY more of the videos you wish to play this morning!


Maths- L.O. Fractions- Unit Fractions

Click on the link below, then click Week 2 and watch the clip ‘Lesson 3- Unit Fractions’.


Then I would like you to click ‘Get the activity’ next to the clip. If you have a printer, please print the activity sheets and complete them. If not, put the short date and objective in your red maths book and work your way through the questions. Please don't feel the need to copy out the questions if it's taking too long, only writing/drawing the answers is fine. I can understand and match your work to the questions.smiley


English- L.O. To write a riddle.

Today, I would like you to write a riddle for your sea creature, using your vocabulary from yesterday’s lesson to help you.

Below, I have written a detailed riddle as an example. I have tried to be creative with my clues, using high level vocabulary to make it more interesting.


I am a malicious monster that lives in the murky, blue sea,

Lots of people are seriously scared of me.

Silently swimming is how I travel around,

My tremendous tail cuts quickly through the waves without a sound.

I have a ginormous, grey body with a pointy fin,

My terrifying teeth make me have an evil grin.

Like a hungry wolf, my favourite meal is meat,

Juicy fish and plump seals are what I enjoy to eat.

Lurking in the deep, I look for prey to chase,

If you are to escape me, you must swim at an incredibly fast pace!

What am I?


Success Criteria- features to include in your riddle.

  • Write at least 6 clues. You are welcome to do more, 10 is your limit.
  • Try to start your sentences in different ways- not just with 'I'.
  • Start a new line for each clue.
  • Include adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Alliteration
  • *** Rhyming is hard, if you would like to try and rhyme at the end of your sentences, that’s brilliant. If you are finding it too hard, then please don’t, just write your sentences as normal.***
  • Finish with ‘What am I?’


You can use ideas from my example, but please DO NOT copy it.

I am looking forward to reading yours when you have finished. Remember, DON’T WORRY. This is creative writing, I want you to have fun! Just try your best and I will LOVE it. J



Science- L.O. To know how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.

Please log on to Education City and access the classwork 'Science 06/05/2020'. Work your way through the learn screens and activities on your laptop. If you get a message saying content requires Adobe flash player, click to download it then at the top right of the screen, click 'Allow once'. Please print and complete the worksheet or copy the work into your green writing book, with the date and objective.


**If you can, why not try planting some seeds or a bulb to support our Science topic! I've just planted some sunflower seeds in a huge container in my kitchen and have planted lots of small plants outside in my garden, hoping that they will all grow and blossom into beautiful flowers in the next few weeks! Please send me pictures if you choose to plant something! I will keep you updated with pictures of mine laugh**



Have a wonderful Wednesday, Year 2!

Love, Miss Dewhurst x


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