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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 2!


Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to 

 I am consistently monitoring your activity on our online resources. Please make sure you are accessing your daily tasks.


*I have set up a times table tournament on TTRS! YEAR 2: BOYS VS GIRLS!!!

Battle starts this morning and finishes on Friday tea time! The more you play, the more points you earn for your team! I will let you know the winners of the battle and the top players on Monday! I can't wait to see the results!! laugh*


Wednesday 29th April     29/04/2020


Wednesday morning PE Lesson!


Maths- L.O. Fractions- Recognise a half

Click on the link below, then click Week 1 and watch the clip ‘Lesson 2- Recognise a half’.


Then I would like you to click ‘Get the activity’ next to the clip. If you have a printer, please print the activity sheets and complete them. If not, put the short date and objective in your red maths book and write the answers into your book. Please answer the questions as best and as neatly as you can, you can name or draw the items/shapes from the questions to help you, and number instead of tick. (Question 8 can be explained to your adult or written down)



English- L.O. To explore riddles.


Read the power point below.

Put the date and learning objective in your green writing book. Read each riddle below and then decide what animal is being described. Write your answers as a numbered list in your book.


1. What am I? I have pink skin.  I like to play in the mud.  I live on a farm. My tail is short and curly.  I have a nose called a snout.  I make an oink sound.  What am I?

I am a _____________


2. What am I? I live in the jungle.  I have very sharp teeth and claws.  I can run very fast. I hunt other animals to eat.  I am a kind of big cat.  I have orange fur and black stripes.  What am I?

I am a ______________


3. What am I? I am a kind of insect.  I have 8 legs.  Some people are frightened of me.  I eat flies.  I spin a web.   What am I?

I am a _____________


4. What am I? I live in cold places.  I have thick white fur. I look very cuddly but really I am quite fierce. I am a kind of bear.  What am I?

I am a ___________


5. What am I? I am a cheeky chap.  I am brown and furry and look a bit like a person.  I like to swing through trees. My favourite food is bananas. 

I am a  _____________


6. What am I? I live in the sea.  I am not a fish.  I have legs called tentacles.  Some people eat me.  I am not a kind of pet. 

I am a  _______________


7. What am I? I can be a pet.  I like to go for a walk and play with a ball.  I don’t like cats.  I make a woof sound.  There are lots of different kinds of me. 

I am a ________________


8. What am I?  I live in your garden.  I have no legs.  I live under the soil.  I am brown and wiggly.

I am a ___________________


9. What am I?   I like to swim on top of the water.  I have feathers and a beak.  I can fly.   I lay eggs.  I make a quack noise. People sometimes give me bread.

I am a ___________________


Finally, in your book, I would like you to write me 2 riddles of your own for 2 different animals. Try and follow the same structure as above (5 or 6 clues for each animal). See if your adult can guess them!


Science- L.O. To identify and name a variety of plants.

What is growing in our surroundings?

This activity can be carried out in your garden, outside on a walk or a green space.


Go on a plant hunt to find and name as many plants as you can. You will need look at the plants colour, leaves and petals to help identify them. Some will be common flowers, like dandelions, daffodils or daisies, however, some might be a little more unusual! On blank A4 paper, put the date and objective at the top and please draw, colour and label as many different plants/flowers that you can find. Take your time and be as accurate as you can with your drawings, for you are carefully observing and identifying.



*Please could you either email or comment on my post on the school blog today to let me know that you have finished your tasks, so I can record it in my book thank you*


*Please try and make some time to read to your adult at some point today and fill in your reading diary!*


Thank you for working so hard Year 2, the pictures and work you send really do cheer me up. I hope that you have a wonderful day and keep safe. heart

Love, Miss Dewhurst x

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