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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 1st May

Good Morning Year 3!

It is Friday again, woo! You have all survived another week of Home Learning and I am SO proud of you all. The work I am receiving on the blog and to my email is fantastic, you are all amazing!!

Keep up that brilliant learning attitude! 

Remember to do these every day:

- Read

- Practise your spellings

- Play on Times Table Rock Stars for 20mins

- Joe Wicks or some other form of exercise! 


Here are today's learning tasks...

Love Miss Townson laugh


Today you are going to use all the fractions learning that you have done all week to answer some questions. We have used this style questions in class before on the board. I have screenshot the questions, for you to answer in your workbooks please. You can draw the diagrams too.

It shouldn’t take you too long, so make sure you play on times table rock stars for a little longer today!


Here they are…10 questions!

Maths Questions... Click on the picture to make it bigger


LO: To use descriptive features to write a section of the story.

Watch the film again up to 3 minutes 38 seconds (I have posted it below) – the point when the eyes appear in the darkness of the cave.

Think about how the director/film maker has made the atmosphere seem scary or tense.

Discuss with your parents or older sibling how we could do that as writers- the fact that everything is old and dark. There is a skeleton up against one tree and there are many faces of ancient stones watching him, which contribute to a negative atmosphere. The tension builds as it seems beautiful (the butterflies) but suddenly changes. Tension builds further as huge eyes appear in the darkness and we do not know who it is.


Below, I have attached a sequence of what happens in the dream section. This is called the bare bones, but it is just bullet points and there is NO description of what happens or any more detail. That’s your job!!!!


So today’s task is for you to write out the dream section, from the video. I want you to write it as if you are writing a piece of writing in your writing journal. So it will be beautifully neat, your sentences will be exciting, you will use capital letters and full stops and all the descriptive features we have spent ALL week looking at.


I want to be wowed by your writing!!!! Please don’t forget to send it to me on my email: or post it on the blog!


Once you have finished your work, you can of course watch the video all the way through if you haven't already.


Dream Giver ♥


LO: To find out what a rainforest is and where they are found.


Right Year 3, you may have worked out from Mrs Jones’ music yesterday, that we are starting a new topic in Geography… Rainforests! How exciting!

Today we are going to be looking at where Rainforests are in the world. First, I would like you to work your way through the power point I have posted below, looking at the pictures reading the information. You will see that the rainforests are situated between the TROPICS.

If you have a printer, print off the blank world map below and label on the tropics. Can you then label where the rainforests are in our world.

As an extension, on your map I would like you to label the 7 continents and colour them in and then label the oceans and colour them in.

If you do not have a printer, you can either try to draw the world map simply, or you can work your way through the power point, pointing out the rainforests, continents and oceans and discuss it with somebody at home. Be creative!

Rainforest Power Point

Blank world map

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