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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Year 5! Hope you are all well.


Below are your lessons for today. Please make sure you complete your tasks and ensure you email or blog me with your scores/work. 17/30 of you had a go at the English work on Education City yesterday. Well done if you did; I know it was quite difficult. If you didn’t do it, please catch up today.


There is also a TTRS battle today which I would like you to participate in

LO – To ensure a consistent and correct use of tense is used throughout a piece of writing.

On to day 2 of grammar! Today we are going to be looking at tenses in writing and where they have been incorrectly used. This is something else we need practice on as sometimes, when we produce longer pieces of writing, we can switch between past, present and future tense when we are not supposed to. Your lesson in on Education City (9/6/20 – Tenses) under classwork. It consists of 3 parts so please make sure you complete them all.

I will be monitoring your activity and scores.

LO – To round decimals to the nearest whole number an tenth/TTRS Battle

There are 2 parts to today’s lesson and you need to make sure you do both.

  1. I have set up a Boys vs. Girls Battle on TTRS. It begins at 9am and ends at 3:15. The boys are in the lead with how many battles they have won since we have been off school. Can the girls do it today?
  2. Following on from yesterday’s work, answer questions 1-9 on the slides below. When you have finished, mark them and send me your score in an email or on the blog.

LO – To express opinions on different types of music.

Hello Year 5! This week we are going to apply our opinion phrases to discuss music. On the slides in the PowerPoint, there is a table with yellow sound buttons on. When you get to this slide, you need to click on each of the sound buttons in turn to hear a different style of music (each one lasts about 30 seconds.)


In your books, you need to write your opinion of each style of music using the French phrases we have been learning. Then on the final slide, there are 8 pictures of musicians/groups - we would like you to write your opinion in French about each of these. Don't forget to send your work in on today's French blog, or by email to Miss Hartley. I hope you enjoy the different music clips!


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