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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 12th March

Hello Year 3!

Every week you will have Maths and English Homework. You will also have spellings to learn.


Homework and spellings will be given out here, on the website on a Friday. It needs to be completed by Friday next week (19th March). I would like you to email me photographs of your work, just like we did in lock down.


Remember my email address is:


You also need to read every night and bring your reading diary to school at least once a week to be changed. 

You should also play on TTRS every night to practise your times tables. 


I look forward to seeing your lovely home work!

Love Mrs Sethi x



This week's spellings are below. You need to practise them every night at home. We will have a test in school next Friday.


Mrs Sethi's Group:






















Mrs Miskell's Group:


English Homework:


For this week's Homework, I would like you to listen to and read The Iron Man Chapter 1 again. I have attached the chapter of the book and there is also a YouTube video of someone reading it. 


Then I would like you to answer the following questions in FULL SENTENCES into your English Homework books...


1. Why did the gulls think the Iron Man’s hand was a crab? 
2. Why did the gull take the Iron Man’s ear to its nest? 
3. What had the seagull picked up? 
4. Predict Why did the Iron Man’s eyes turn green as he entered the sea? 
5. Why did the Iron Man walk into the sea?

Chapter 1 - The Iron Man

The Iron Man - Chapter 1 by Ted Hughes


Maths Homework:


Below you have a times table worksheet. I would like you to complete it. You can either print it out or do it into your Maths Homework Book. We have done these before, you need to look at the middle number and using that times table, work out the outer circles. 

Times table worksheet

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