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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 26th February 2021

Hip Hip Hooray it is Friday!


Happy Friday Year One!

Well done for your first week back after half term. You have all worked super hard and I have loved looking at all of your pieces of work. Especially your imagination of the garden of life. Remember to keep up the good work today as the home learner of the week will be announced in this weeks newsletter.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and I will see you on Monday.

Miss Armstrong

The Macarena - Dance Tutorial


Today for your Phonics lesson I will be talking to you on our morning session about the different alternative ai. We will play a little game and practice our spelling test. Make sure you have a pencil and some paper to write with.


I have attached a little story starter similar to yesterdays, it is called ‘A Dangerous Pet’. Have a look at the image and listen to the story. I have then attached a few questions which I would like you to answer in your workbooks.

Dangerous Pet.mp4

Still image for this video



  1. Can you think of names for the children?
  2. What is the boy feeding the dragon?
  3. What do you think the girl is carrying?
  4. Can you think of a good name for their kingdom?
  5. What do you think the children will try and train their dragon to do?


Finally can you draw a picture of the kingdom and the dragon?

Epic Reading

I have attached a selection of books to do with spring please access the link below. Enjoy!


Today I have attached a little activity to do with left and right. Can you draw objects left and right of the picture? Remember which way is left and right, look at the images below in you need some help.

Here We Go | Directions Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann Positional Words

To make sure we are still practicing with our adding and subtracting skills. You access the link below for Education City.


Can you practice adding and subtracting by accessing the games? Try your very best, as I am looking to see how well you have remembered your adding and subtracting skills.


We are now heading into the season of Spring. We will start to see lots of flowers and creatures appearing. Here are a few flowers that you will begin to see. Have a look at the images below.

Spring is Here

For your task today, I would like you to have a look at the photo of the tulip below, first can you have a go at drawing your own tulip.

When you have drawn your own tulip, could you then click the video link below and watch a step by step tutorial of how to draw a tulip.

How To Draw A Tulip In A Pot

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