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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Show and Tell news and pictures


Zooming Zebras Spring 2014

This is a lovely present from Santa, Cinderella.
Meet Benjamin, he was so well behaved!
We all enjoyed a cuddle from him.
Lots of toys to show.
Mrs Collins was practising her boxing skills.
Mrs Collins was no good so she needed showing!
Meet Lala and her eyes lit up!
Making tunes on a whistle.
Bunny and Penguin
Bunny sitting on the desk.
Butterfly balloon
Maddison the dog
Taking Maddison for a walk.
Ken and Barbie
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & 3 Eyed Alien

Zooming Zebras Autumn 2013

Eeyore is a truely loved toy
Eeyore was introduced to Reception
Baby Annabell behaved very well in school today
Baby Annabell had a cuddle from everybody
A flashing sword from Blackpool
A hammer to mend Mum
The flashing sword impressed the class
Mandy came from Ireland
Mandy meeting the children

Snazzy Snakes Spring 2014

Stage 2 swimming certificate. Well done!
Showing Reception how to swim properly.
Skylanders bag
Skylanders figures
A monkey, Koala, watch and roller skates.
Showing us how it is done!
More roller skating

Snazzy Snakes Autumn 2013

Wonder Cats and his creature visited Reception
Santa's Christmas Munch! We enjoyed this story.
Belle, Jasmine and Ariel came to our class.
Meeting the Princesses.
Meet Michael the Guinea Pig.

Giddy Gorillas Spring 2014

Fantastic birthday surprise! Tickets to 1Direction
Rex from Toy story came in.
The children meeting Rex.
This is  Aftershock.
He is a fantastic wrestler!
This is Sniffy1.
We all had a sneaky cuddle. Thanks.
Mario and Luigi came into school.
Wrestling fan
A laughing chicken!
The chicken couldn't stand up.
This is Rapunzel.

Giddy Gorillas Autumn 2013

Meet Mandy the Birthday bear.
She sang Happy Birthday.
This is Ruby the dog.
She goes into the microwave and then keeps us warm
Woody has got snakes in his boots!
Woody is from America.
This is Little tiger pillow pet.
Little tiger is soft and cuddly.
Chelsea is the purple pony & Tia is the pink pony.
The ponies meeting the Reception children.

Funky Fish Spring 2014

Baby Annabel came into school
We looked after her and she kept laughing
This is little rabbit.
Little rabbit was lovely and soft.
This was a quad bike with a rider on.
It went very fast!
A real Firefighters helmet and gloves.
Looking good
Showing the helmet around.
The children were amazed
Wow! Thank you.
Lots of lovely soft toys.
Mr Tumble the spider.
A football trophy. Well done!

Funky Fish Autumn 2013

Lots of fantastic photos at Disneyland Paris.
Photos with Mickey Mouse
Seating plan of the dinner table
Who do you sit next to at the dinner table?
Princess book
They stuck to the whiteboard
Which Princess is your favourite?
Thomas the Tank Engine
The children meeting Thomas

Cool Cats Spring 2014

Buzz Lightyear came to school
Meet Eden the Cabbage patch doll.
The children giving Eden a cuddle.
Belle came into school.
Can you guess which film Belle was in?
Michael Schmacher was the talk of this toy!
Spiderman and Teddy
Spiderman did some super powers in school!
Bertie Bee came into school.
This is Jessie.
Peter Rabbit and Pink rabbit visited Reception.
Some more wrestlers came into school.
Bumble Bee Car
Bumble Bee Transformer.

Cool Cats Autumn 2013

Mike Wazowski & a 3 headed dinosaur came to school
Mike meeting the children
Snow White visited Reception
This is Candy
Candy sang Girls just want to have fun
This was amazing. First it was a car.
Then it transformed into a Bumblebee transformer
The children thought it was amazing.
This isn't just a sword
It is a Ninja turtle sword

Crazy Crocodiles Spring 2014

Remote control motor bike.
It went very fast across the classroom!
Hello Kitty teddy
She had some fantastic outfits.
She walked around with some help.
Two Sulley's came into Reception!
 Infinity Sulley which connects to the X-box.
Cuddly Sulley which we had lots of cuddles.
This is a Bop it Tetris.

Crazy Crocodiles Autumn 2013

He loves playing football
Showing some tricks
Red racing car
Reception was very impressed with the racing car
This is Rosie, Poppy Violet
She was very cuddly
This was a birthday present.  A Furby Wow!
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