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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 4th March

Good morning Year 6!

I hope you are well and enjoying your learning. There were lots of good ideas for your RE friendship task yesterday and super responses to the Dystopia reading comprehension text.  Our grammar Kahoot top 3 were Charlotte, Miley and Krosley who all achieved the top score of 100% - fantastic! Make sure you log in to the Year 6 Teams Meeting at 9.10 am every week day morning as it is for ALL home learners. Now it's time to get out your books and pens and find out what today's work is!



Today's exercise choices:

1. Go outside for a refreshing walk.

2. Click on the link to Go Noodle and complete 3 of your favourite routines.

3. Have a go at the Bingo Challenge Mr Steele has put on the main Class Page - this looks fun!



Yesterday's top readers were Charlotte, closely followed by Archie, Zoe and Kainen. We are inching towards our BIG total! Come on everyone, log on to the getepic website and do some reading!!  Aim for 10 - 15 minutes of reading each day and our total will grow. 


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 4-3-21 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.



In order to celebrate this special day we will have different types of learning in our English lesson today. There are 4 tasks to complete:


TASK 1: Read and Relax

Most importantly, as it is World Book Day, spend 20 minutes of your English lesson reading - log on to getepic and increase our total number of books. 


TASK 2: Scavenger Hunt!

You will need a selection of books to complete this task. Use books from your house or books on getepic. There are 10 things to find inside your books, for example, a simile. When you have found it, write down the title of the book and the page number where you got it from. Click on the worksheet below to discover your 10 items to find and how to record your answers. (Don't complete the writing superchallenge on page 3).

TASK 3: Book Mark

Click on the documents below to choose a bookmark to colour and complete. There are blank ones where you can make your own design or ones with patterns to colour. You can print them out or even just use a piece of paper to design and colour your own. Bring your bookmark back to school next week and I will laminate them for you to use when you are reading. 


TASK 4: Kahoot Quiz

Click on the link below which takes you to a World Book Day Quiz. Remember to type your first name and you are allowed 3 goes. Enjoy!

Maths L.O Prime Numbers

Today you are going to learn what a prime number is and work out all the prime numbers from 1-100. Read through the slides which will explain what you need to do. 

You will need to draw a 100 square in your book to do this activity. 

If you are finding this task hard to understand there is a video that shows you how to do it. There is also a link to a song about PRIME NUMBERS. 

4-3-21 Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers - Sieve of Eratosthenes

Science L.O Who is Mary Anning?

Today we are going to learn about a famous scientist called Mary Anning. She was one of the best  palaeontologist ever. She was born in 1799, that's 222 years ago. At that time women were not taken seriously as scientists so not many people have heard of her. 

She regularly risked her life in her hunt for fossils, making discoveries that captured the attention of other scientists. She never received the credit she deserved because she was a female and her family didn't have a lot of money.

In 1811, at the age of just 12, Mary discovered a 5.2m (17ft) skeleton, now known to be an ichthyosaur. Twelve years later, she found the first complete skeleton of a plesiosaur, a marine reptile so bizarre that scientists thought it was a fake.


Your Task

Click on the link below to take you to a BBC activity page on Mary Anning. 

Watch the video.

Read the slides.

Play the quiz at the end. 


After that watch the video about a group of children searching for fossils in England. 


360° fossil-hunting adventure | Natural History Museum

Join a fossil hunt on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. Get tips on what fossils to look out for as you explore the beach alongside students on a fossil collecti...

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