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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 1st February

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend!


Here we are in week 5! You have done an amazing job so far with your home learning! It's been lovely to see pictures and videos of you exercising, learning your times tables and trying really hard with your written tasks! They really do make me smile and feel so proud of you. Keep on trying your best and look after yourselves and your families. Keep smiling laughheart


Below are your lessons for today. Remember to email your work to or put it on our school blog.


Every day, please find time to log onto using our class code (that was texted to you and it's on our school blog) and click on your initials, to access the books that I am assigning for you to read. I will add more books each week. They can be found in your mailbox! If you have read your assigned books, please feel free to read any of the other age-related books available on the website too. This website is what our school is using to monitor your reading at home, please make sure that you are reading regularly.


L.O. Draw pictograms.

Please watch the learn screen below. 

Then, I would like you to answer the questions from the worksheets in your red book. Please ONLY write the answers to the worksheets, you DO NOT need to copy out the questions. If you wish to print them, that is also fine.


L.O. To answer questions from a text.

In your home learning pack, please find your CGP KS1 Comprehension Book. Please could you read the comprehensions on page 8 and page 9 and answer the questions.


For the second part of this lesson, please log onto the getepic website and read one of the books that I have assigned you. I am tracking the variety of books and the amount you are reading on my account! 


Checking Out- Community

At the start of this topic, you answered 'Checking in' questions to see what you knew before we explored the topic. Now we are at the end of the topic, I would like you to answer questions again where we should see progress with your answers!


Please answer the questions below in your writing book. Try to support your answers with your knowledge of the church books and events that we learnt about in this topic. 


Here are your questions to answer:

1. What books do you think are important and special? Can you explain why?

2. What can you recall about Jesus' baptism? Try to use religious words and phrases where possible.


Finally, please listen to a Bible story of your choice, draw a small picture of it and underneath, tell me which story you chose and what you liked about it.



Have a great day!

Love, Miss Dewhurst x

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