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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Year 3!

I am very impressed with your Geography work from yesterday, the ones I received on email were fantastic. Please make sure you email or blog me your work. I am checking times table rock stars every day and there is only a handful of you that are going on every day. Please make sure you are on there, practising your spellings every day. 

Every day you need to be doing the following as well as your learning tasks:



-Practise your spellings

-Play on TTRS for 20 mins



I look forward to seeing your work today.

Here are today's learning tasks...

Love Miss Townson 


LO: To solve money problems.

Log onto Education City and find the classwork named ‘Thursday 11th June – Maths’ work your way through the problems that need you to your apply your money skills.



LO:  To plan a non-chronological report.


Today you are going to plan your non-chronological report using the information that you researched yesterday. First I would like you to read resource 8a. This is an example non-chronological report on model aircraft and it will help you.

Then below, there is a planning sheet (resource 8b) which you can either print or use as a template in your workbooks. You need to choose the two subheadings you are going to use and write in your information in note form. This will be the plan you use tomorrow to write your non-chronological report. So remember, if you are in school to take it home!

English Resources: 8a and 8b



Click on the Power Point below to see your Music lesson!

The First Music: A Folktale from Africa (Animated Stories for Kids)

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