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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 7th April

Hello Year 4! Well done everyone.

Today's tasks you have to follow instructions very clearly. Have fun and try your best. I do not mind if you get an adult to help you complete these tasks and to explain the slides.

Please blog on my grown up blog post for today when you have finished a task, not everyone is doing this and if you are struggling to get on the blog, please get an adult to email me:

Carry on reading and logging onto TT Rockstars everyday. Keep Active and Happy!



Task 1: English

LO: To use figurative language to describe a setting.

The English lessons this week are based around the video Tadeo Jones which I will upload on each day's page. Work can be completed into you exercise books using the correct date and LO. Get your adults to email me any questions if stuck, and try your best. Pause the slide show so you can follow all instructions from the PowerPoint carefully! Here are today's activities which focus on writing similes and metaphors, enjoy:

Tadeo Jones


Task 2: Maths

LO: To compare and convert different lengths.

Today's Maths you can complete and copy all the questions into your exercise book from the PowerPoint below. I will add the worksheets PDFs below as well if you wanted to print them off. Pause the slideshow and follow the PowerPoint carefully, you can do your own extra learning to help you understand or get help from an adult. Good luck and remember to just have a go!


Task 3: French (From Mrs Miskell)

As we are now in La Semaine Sainte (Holy Week) we are going to learn more about French Easter traditions. We'd like you to read the information on the web-page to discover lots of facts and traditions about Easter in France and then use the link at the bottom of the page to answer the 14 questions on the quiz. Please post your scores on the Mrs Miskell's French blog post so we can see how you have done.

The second part of your task is to create a poster to highlight some of the French Easter traditions. I love the idea of 'les cloches volantes' (the flying bells) and they would definitely be on my poster!

Try to use some of the French words you have learned to label pictures on your poster. There are lots of ideas you could include, especially related to all the different foods.

Please blog/email pictures of your posters for us to see - I'm really missing your beautiful French work!

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