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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 27th January

Task 1

Maths - learning 12

Click on the link - Counting to 20 and exercise.

Watch the Number 12 video - You adult may need to pause the video so you can complete the challenges.

Get your tens frame and counters out. You will need 12. Using 2 tens frame, can you make 12?

Can you make 5 different ways to make 12?


Number 12

Still image for this video

Task 2

Phonics - learning ch sound.

Click on the link - Learn ch.

Watch Introducing 'ch' video. 

I would like you to go on a book hunt for any words that have 'ch' in. Write 5 'ch' words that you have found in your books on your whiteboards. Can you read them?

Now I would like you play Matching Pairs with 'ch' words. Remember you need to write the set of words out twice. 

Chop, chip, much, rich, chat, match, witch, chin, chimp & switch.

Good luck. smiley


Introducing ch

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Task 3

RE, PSED and C & L - Celebrations

Click on the link - Cbeebies - Celebrations and watch Street song and then watch some other celebrations. When you watch the celebrations, are the people happy or sad?

Jesus wants us to be happy. However, a long time ago there was a Wedding at Cana and some of the guests noticed that they had ran out of wine. Jesus was at the Wedding and he was told about the wine and he didn't want the bride and groom to be sad because they didn't have enough wine for their guests. So Jesus preformed his first miracle.

Click on the link - Wedding of Cana.

What did Jesus do at the Wedding?

Can you think of a time when you made someone happy?

This week can you do something extra for your family to make them happy? smiley

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