From 5/1/21 School will be closed. Only vulnerable children and the children of critical workers are able to attend. Work will be provided on the class pages.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



During the Autumn Term we have been looking at

'Who am I?' 


Year 1 have been working super hard learning all about skeletons and have enjoyed finding out all of the diffent bone names.


Do you know which part of your body has the most bones?

Ask your super scientist children! 

Super Scientist hard at work creating skeleton pictures.

The children then created animal skeletons, can you guess the animals?

We have also looked at the Five Senses, the children enjoyed exploring lots of different activities especially the tickly taste buds activity!cheeky

Tickly Taste buds


Take a look at our reactions from tasting lemons. 

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