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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 30th June 2021

Good Morning Everyone! 


Well, we are half way through the week! Remember we have all done so well keeping Nursery open every day since September 2020, so it was perhaps only to be expected that as restrictions eased, there would be a knock-on effect for our little ones. We must follow Public Health and Government Guidance and so learning will remain online for all children in Nursery and Reception just for the next few days of this school week. 


We will set 3 activities per day, covering a range of learning. Please use them as you wish. We entirely understand that you will be juggling this week.. jobs, family life, childcare etc. As teachers and TAs, we too are having to make different arrangements for our families and work too.


If you can do more on some days or can only email pictures once everyone is in bed, then that's fine. The activities are a guide to the language, vocabulary, and skills that we would be concentrating on in our nursery activities and play. We know some of you welcome the activities to keep your little ones busy and focussed. Please do your best - that's all we ask. 


Good Luck and Stay Safe

Mrs Barker, Mrs Clough and Mrs Collins 

Task 1: Friendship task. Today's picture shows the children being good friends. Think about what makes you a good friend...Can you make a picture today of one of your friends at Nursery. You could draw, or collage, or use use your computer. Bring it with you on Monday to put up in class.

Task 2

Look at this Phonics Phase 2 sound mat.

What sounds can you see and say?

Practise saying the sounds. Can you think of any words beginning with s,a,t,p,i,n?

Please draw pictures of the words you can think of that begin with those sounds.

Task 3

Pretend you are a Pirate!

Pirates are very good at counting.

They need to count all their Treasure!

Can you count for the Pirates today?

If you can't print this out don't worry.

Just carefully count for the Pirates and see what they have.


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