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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Year 6! What a glorious sunny day yesterday was! I hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine after you finished your work. I really enjoyed reading your work yesterday. Some children had obviously spent a lot of time on their tasks and completed them to a high standard. That's amazing and thank you for your hard work. Let's hope there's lots of great learning today. So, here we go...


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 21-5-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.



Go Noodle Week

This is day 4 of Go Noodle week! What did you think about the NFL Play 60 channel? Well today's channel is: Zumba Kids. Choose 3 activities to do. I suggest: Turn, Beat Go Pop and Turn up the Bass. Click on the link below and enjoy! Let me know which you choose and how you get on!



LO: To punctuate using bullet points

Go to Education City and complete the activity called: Gorillas in the List.

When using bullet points for a list, the only rule is consistency. If you use capital letters, use them for EVERY item. If you use commas, use them AFTER EVERY item. And so on.


LO: To sketch and label a diagram

Our invention work today comes from the amazing Aardman Animations and focuses on the cracking inventions that Wallace creates. Wallace’s inventions are truly imaginative if not always the most efficient.

In order to make life easier, Wallace has invented the Snoozatron. When he has difficulty falling asleep, he engages the Snoozatron – it plumps your pillows, plays you soothing music and deposits a teddy in your arms.

Click on the link below to watch the Snoozatron clip. After you have finished laughing, look out for the different ways that the Snoozatron uses to help get Wallace back to sleep. When you have watched the clip, write an ACCURATE bullet point list of all the different ways in which Wallace is helped back to sleep. I counted six ways. Then, underneath your date and LO, draw and label a diagram of the Snoozatron showing all the six ways of helping Wallace back to sleep.

The Snoozatron - Cracking Contraptions - Wallace and Gromit

Getting to sleep can be a problem when you eat as much cheese as Wallace. His solution is the "Snoozatron", a simple device to aid the restless insomniac. Fo...


L.O Identifying 3D Shapes.

Today I want you to open a shop called SHAPELAND. It’s next door to POUNDLAND. smiley The items you are going to sell must be true 3D mathematical shapes. Hunt around your house for things to sell in your shop. If you can fill every aisle in your shop you are the winner. There is a pdf document below with an example of what your shop could sell, and the picture below shows you what should be in each aisle. Everything is £10.00

You can write down the items in your book. Take pictures or just type your answers onto the BLOG.

Eg Aisle 1 – Rubik’s Cube - £10.00

Happy hunting. Don’t really sell the items you find; your parents will go mad. yes




L.O Exploring density.

Go to the SCIENCE FOLDER on the YEAR 6 class page. There is a link to two videos showing you how to carry out this experiment. 

If you can't actually do the experiment just watch the videos of me doing the experiment and then answer the questions telling me what you would use if you could do the experiment and what you think would happen. 

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