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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 15th May

Good Morning Year 3, Happy Friday!


I would like to just remind you that I pick a blogger of the week every day, and not many of you are blogging your work. It would be lovely to hear from you on the blog and hear about your home learning. 


I hope you are all ready for a day of learning! 

Remember to:

- Read

- Practise your spellings

- Play on TTRS for 20 mins

- Exercise 


Here are today's tasks... 

Have a great day,

Love Miss Townson x

Today we are going to do some work in our Inspire Assessment Books.
Please find them in your Home Learning packs. I would like you to turn to page 9 and complete Section B and Section C (up to bottom of page 12).


If you would like an extra challenge, please complete Challenging Problems I on page 13-14.


LO: To correctly use apostrophes.

Today we are going to put together everything we have learnt all week about apostrophes and how to use them correctly.

I have attached two pictures below to remind you how to use apostrophes for both possession and omission.


Your task is to look at the PDF document below that has a piece of writing with NO apostrophes on it. You need to add the apostrophes to the words that have them missing. Write out the whole passage, with the apostrophes in the right place, in your neatest handwriting into your work books.

Apostrophe examples

Text to add apostrophes to


LO: To identify the layers of the rainforest.


Imagine you travelled to the rainforest. What do you think it would be like? What do you think the temperature would be like? What do you think you would see when you got there?

Discuss these questions with your parents or an older sibling.


Then look at the power points attached below…


At the end of the third power point there is a short missing word activity you can do in your workbooks and then I would like you to complete the worksheet on labelling layers. If you have a printer you can print it and label it and colour it in, or draw it yourself if you do not.

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