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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday June 2nd

Good Morning Year 1


Thank you to all those children who were On the Ball with their learning yesterday and sent me lots of Blogs and Emails and got on Education City.


If you weren't on it yesterday then Please complete today's work.


It's Joe or Kidz Bop this morning first please.

Also, don't forget to try to get outside in this lovely weather we are having, I always think being outdoors makes me feel happier whether it be in my own backyard or out for my socially distant walk or bike ride.


Next you need to check out what your Science work is for Miss Kidd.


Maths today is more Time work.

Try to think about the learn screens you saw yesterday and use what you know to complete this work about measuring time and looking at hour and half past.

Go to Education City and your work is called Time Tuesday 2nd June.


Then I would like you to find your worksheet that concentrates on 'ow' and 'ou'.

I know that you sometimes mix up the sounds 'aw' and 'au' and 'ou' and 'ow' so yesterday's work and today's work look at those sounds.

Tomorrow I shall try to trick you with some Education City Phonics which involves reading these sounds!


I am going to attach a story under here for you to listen to if you wish.

I shall enjoy reading it as I picture you all listeninglaugh


Enjoy the day.

Work hard and carefully.

Love Mrs Cloughheart

Tabby McTat

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