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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 13th May

Good morning! It’s the middle of our school week already! Keep working hard and keep positive. You are all doing a super job and I’m really proud of you. In addition to your activities, please remember to:

* Read and let me know which book you are reading at the minute.

* Play on TTRS. There is a battle today which I would like you ALL to participate in.

* Keep active.


Here are your lessons for today:

LO – To read a range of non-fiction texts and create questions relating to these.

Today’s lesson involves reading information and watching video clips for 3 different creatures so you will need to concentrate carefully. Click on the links below for what you need to read and watch for each creature. 


The King Cobra:



Awesome King Cobra | Deadly 60

The Venomous Blue Ringed Octopus | Deadly 60 |

How NOT to Keep Away from a Honey Badger's Teeth | Deadly 60 |

Based on what you have learnt, create a deadly animal quiz for a family member, adult or me to answer. It needs to have 10 or more questions which need to get the reader thinking. Don’t make them too easy! An example of a quiz based on deadly animals (although quite simple) can be found by clicking the link below.

I’m looking forward to reading and maybe completing your quizzes. Please email them to me or post them on the blog and let me know who you did your quiz for!

LO – To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

There are 2 parts to Maths today and you must do both.


  1. We are continuing with our fraction focus today and are going to look at improper fractions and mixed numbers. Click on the link below which will take you to the White Rose website. You need to click on Summer Term - Week 4 Lesson 3 and watch the video.

Then, complete the worksheet that I have uploaded below. I have also uploaded the answers so that you can mark it. Let me know your score though the blog or by sending me an email.

2. I have set up a battle on TTRS between boys and girls. Please all participate in this. Who will win and who will be the top scorers?


LO – To use body percussion in a performance

Today we will be using body percussion to perform a poem. On the PowerPoint is a recap of what we have been doing so far, then there is a poem related to The Grand Canyon. Remember to click on the sound icon to hear the poem being read aloud. This will help you work out the rhythms for your body percussion. We'd love to see some short videos of your performances - please email them if possible to Miss Hartley.

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