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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well. I am loving seeing how well you all are doing at home learning. I am especially enjoying the photos and videos you have been sending in. I think I will have to put a video together for the children at home soon. Make sure to keep an eye out as one may be on it’s way.

Here are your lessons for today.

Remember to send your work to:

Okay time to wake up are you ready?


Chu Chu Wa | Jack Hartmann


Yesterday Miss Armstrong set you a little challenge to go on a phoneme phonics hunt in your homes. Today I have set you a similar task, today’s activity is eye spy. The activity we have today is focusing on Phase 3, we are shortly moving on to Phase 4 & 5. So you must remember to keep practicing writing and using your sounds in all of your work.

Please remember to access Epic reading or continue to read your home reading books. I would like if possible photos of you reading so I can display these in class for the school to see how well we are doing. I think I will be adding another badge to our 'Readerpilar' very soon! 


Today we are going to travel to a new destination, click below to find out where we are flying off too.

Please complete the worksheet below, you may wish to print the worksheet off (there is no pressure to do this) or complete the task in your GREEN book.


Today I would like you to continuing developing your counting in 2s skills. Your lesson for today I would like you to complete 3 tasks.

Task 1: to complete the 1st worksheet, remember to use yesterday’s knowledge to support your learning. Use a hundred square if needed.

Counting in 2s


Task 2: See if you can find objects around your house which you could use to create a patter of counting in 2s.

Task 3: You will need a sheet of paper, you will need to cut the piece of paper into strips of paper start off with 6 strips. Now with these strips you are going to create a counting in 2s number chain. On each strip you will need to write a number, for example the first strip will be 2 and the second strip would be 4 continue as far as you can.

Task 4: Watch the Numberblocks clip below.


 Religious Education

Today in RE I would like you to think about all the people we might meet in a church and how special they are to the church family. Click on the slides below for your lesson today. Complete the task and then design your very own stained-glass window.

Have a lovely day everyone! 

Miss Armstrong heart

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