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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 21st January

Task 1

Maths - To discuss relative position.

Click on the link - The prepositions song.

Get a teddy bear and get your adult to tell you where to place your teddy; under the chair, top of the chair, behind the chair and next to the chair.

Now can you draw a spaceship in your exercise book.

Draw a red circle above the spaceship. 

Draw a blue triangle below the spaceship.

Draw a green rectangle beside the spaceship.

Draw a yellow semi-circle on the spaceship.

Draw a orange star in-between the legs of the spaceship.

Task 2

Phonics - x, y, z and zz

Click on the link - The Alphabet song.

Watch the Phase 2 high frequency words and tricky words video. Can you read the words? If you can't, segment (chop) and blend the sounds. BUT there are some tricky words that you can't segment and blend you just need to learn them. You may pause the video if it's going to quickly.

How many words can you read in 1 minute?

Play phonics bingo with x, y, z and zz words. Get your bingo grids and write 9 of the following words:

fox, box, wax, yap, yak, yo-yo, zap, zip, zero, buzz, jazz & fizz.

Have fun wink


Phase 2 High Frequency words and Tricky words

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Task 3

UW - To name the planets of the Solar System.

Watch the video of the Solar system.

In your exercise book, can you draw the solar system? Don't forget the different sizes of the planets. Can you label the planets?

Sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune.

I have put a Science experiment on the W.c 18.01,2021 folder if you would like to have a go. It's called Craters on the Moon. 

The Solar System

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Space Week on Cbeebies with Maddie Moate. 4.50pm - Space Robots.
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