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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 10th February

Good morning Year 5. The middle of the school week already! I was so impressed with your countdown skills on our TEAMS call yesterday. You were definitely all better and quicker than me with your mental maths! I wonder which activity we will do today? Make sure you log on to the meeting to find out. I love seeing your happy faces!


Here are your lessons for today. Please make sure you blog or email your work.

LO – To read a text and make inferences.

Today you have 2 tasks and you must complete them both.


First, I would like to continue with The Giant’s Necklace lessons and complete Lesson 3. You will hear more of the story and explore characters and language used. Please pause the video and answer the questions when you are asked to. This lesson is shorter compared to the previous days.



Next I would like you to get your CGP Comprehension book and read the poem on page 10 called The Great Fire of London. Then I would like you to answer the questions on page 11. Take your time and read the questions carefully!

LO – To use a range of mental skills

Today in Maths you will answer a range of questions that will involve your mental skills. Some of the questions are easy and some involve more thinking. You need to complete all the sections of the worksheet (4a, 4b, 4c and 4d). I hope you enjoy 4d…I did!

Recapping Samba

Hello everyone! This is our last samba lesson before the half-term so we are bringing all our learning together. Here is a summary of your 5 tasks. Read the word document attached below carefully for all your information and instructions. I hope you enjoy today's lesson!


ACTIVITY 1: Recognise and clap rhythms in a piece of samba music

Extension: Select your own rhythms to compose a piece of samba music


ACTIVITY 2: Create a question and answer call

Extension: Create a beginning and end for your samba


ACTIVITY 3: Add your calls into the samba

Extension: Add your beginning and end to the samba


ACTIVITY 4: To keep the pulse using basketballs to 'The Hall of the Mountain King'

ACTIVITY 5: Don't clap this one back - fun game using the clip below

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