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I have received an activation letter, however my email address has already been used on ParentPay - what should I do?

If the email has already been used it is likely that this is an historical account. Assuming you still have access to the email address you wish to use, you can either long in if you remember your old password - or use the Forgotten Password link on the log in page in order to reset it.


1. Go to


2. Select Login at the top right hand corner of the screen


3. Log in to your existing account using your email address (if you cannot remember your password, select the forgotten password link and follow the instructions)


If you wish to add a child onto this account using the information from an activation letter, you can now do so:


1. From the top right hand corner, select Add a Child (this will re-activate an account if it has been archived)


2. Enter the username and password issued by the new school in the activation letter provided. This will add your child to this account.



Adding more children to your account:

Please follow these steps:


1. Go to and log into an existing activated account


2. If using a smart phone, or other mobile device, select the menu icon from the top of the page, and select Add a Child. If using a computer, select the Add a Child icon from the top left of the home page or from the menu on the left)


3. Enter the activation codes exactly as written on the activation letter and select Continue


4. Enter the date of birth for the child you wish to add and click Confirm


Repeat this process for any other children you wish to add to your account - up to a maximum of 6 active children per account.


Please note: Please ensure that when adding a new child using an activation letter you have received, that you add them to your existing account where one exists.



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