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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



It's July Yay!


Good morning Year 1


The first thing I need to say is thank you.

Lots of people decided to send me videos yesterday and


I saw you active, doing your maths, reading and completing every single one of your phonics words.


It really made me smile.laugh


Today, please start the day by getting active. It is up to you what you do, but make sure you get out of breath doing it please.


Maths next and it is Education City today and a little look back at TIME. Can you tell the time in 5 minute intervals? We shall see.


Then please get your Comprehension books out and turn to page 30. You need to read the postcard from Gran carefully and then answer the questions IN FULL SENTENCES PLEASE AND IN YOUR VERY BEST WRITING.wink


After this I would like you to think very carefully about coming back into school in September.

You will be in Year 2.

I want you to write to your Year 2 Teacher and tell them all about you and what you like, don't like, are confident doing and perhaps not so confident doing.

By the end of your letter I want your new teacher to know all about you please.

Then I would like you to draw them a picture of you and your family.


Thank you Year 1

Please don't forget to read today too.

Love Mrs Cloughheart

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