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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 10th February

Happy Wednesday Year 4! 

Don't forget to meet me on Microsoft Teams at 9:35 every morning, to go through your tasks. It should be easy to join through the calendar by clicking on the meeting on that day, and you will be waiting in a lobby until I open the meeting. Please make sure you log on and join the meeting because I will be doing a register!

Remember you must blog me every day now! Click on the 2016 blog post to see all year 4 blogs and Mr Steele blog post to see mine.

If you have trouble accessing and completing any work get an adult to email me so I can help. Parents/carers can email me on:  

Keep reading (GETEPIC) and logging into TT Rockstars daily also!

Have fun and keep active! Here are your tasks for today, take your time and have breaks in between each task:


PE today relax stretch and get ready for the day! Yoga For The Classroom - Yoga With Adriene


Task 1: English

Good morning year 4 - it's your favourite English lesson of the week - that's right, SPaG day!!

Today we would like you to watch the Oak Academy lesson below and complete the activities during the lesson.

The lesson is all about punctuating speech. We have done this before so hopefully this will be revision and an opportunity to practise your skills.

Once the lesson has finished, we would like you to write 10 more sentences with correctly punctuated speech. Please do not use the word 'said' - look for some alternatives such as the words used in the lesson (muttered, exclaimed, asked, declared ). You should write 5 sentences with the speech first, and 5 sentences with the speech second.

Well done year 4, keep working hard, Mrs M. smiley


Task 1: Maths

LO: To divide a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number

Today's Maths Task is all about LONG DIVISION and using the method correctly! YAY! In the video below, I will explain the long division method, follow this correctly, you can pause and start the video when ever you like to make sure you understand. Remember DMSB and to present your working neatly and space it all out. Enjoy!

Mr Steele explaining the Maths lesson

Still image for this video

Now have a go at these long division questions. Write, copy and answer them neatly into your exercise books.


Task 3: History

LO: Mummification live session with Dr Glenn.

Gather all your materials and research from Monday's lesson ready for this live session, I cannot wait! 

Your parents should have been given details on how to log onto this live meeting. It starts at 1.30pm.  

The email should look something like this which I got today for our class in school:

Welcome to ‘How to make an Egyptian mummy’ live event which takes place on Wednesday 10th February at 1:30pm. 

The event is now full, which is great news!

The link should give you access via Zoom.

Please do not share the link with anyone not booked onto the session.

We have 15 schools logging on tomorrow from across Liverpool Warrington and Lancashire, plus a further 60+ children and families logging on from home!


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 831 3021 4750
Passcode: CU


Dr Glenn Godenho, Egyptologist from the University of Liverpool is making preparations as we speak and will welcome relevant questions about Ancient Egypt from the children after each section of the session as well as at the end via the chat function.

All attendees will be muted and will not be able to unmute themselves throughout which should ensure that we can see and hear everything!

A code will be announced at the end of the session which pupils can write into their Passport to Learning or share with their school to gain their Children's University credit for attending.(If you have one)


We really look forward to seeing you all there, if you have any questions, please get in touch!


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