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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 7th May

Good morning Year 5. Today is our last day for the week as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Although you will have no set learning for tomorrow, we are hoping you will celebrate VE Day by having a picnic or a celebration in your garden or homes with your families. Please take some pictures and send them in! Here is what I want you to do today:

LO – To read and respond to a text.

It’s reading comprehension day! Please get your CGP Comprehension Book and turn to page 8 ‘Tales of King Arthur.’ Read the story extract carefully and then answer the questions.

LO – To answer a range of arithmetic questions

It’s arithmetic day! We usually do these on a Friday in class and you’re used to doing them. Read the question carefully and take your time. Mark it when you have finished and send me your score by email or through the blog. If you have any problems opening the documents, please let me know.

LO – To understand the gift of the Holy Spirit is for everyone.

The power of the Holy Spirit is for all Christians and all are called to share the mission to spread the Gospel message. Read the story of Pentecost on the slides below and watch the video. Peter made it clear to the people in Jerusalem that the gift of the Holy Spirit was for everyone.

The Holy Spirit comes - Pentecost

After you have read the story and watched the video, think about the answers to the following questions. You do not have to write them down, just reflect on them in your head or discuss them with another person.


  1. What changes can you find in people’s feelings, actions and words?
  2. How did the crowd react?
  3. How did the onlookers respond?
  1. What did Peter tell the people of Israel to do?
  2. How did the people respond to Peter’s message?
  3. How did it shape their lives?

Your activity:

I would then like you to imagine you were in Jerusalem at the time, heard Peter's message and have just been baptised.  Write a letter to a friend who has not heard about Jesus and tell them all about what you have just witnessed and encountered. Try to give reasons to show how belief in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit has empowered you and changed your life.


This is your main piece of writing for the week so my expectations are high. Please try particularly hard – I know you can hear me saying this like I always do in class – to include:

  • Varied sentence openers
  • Parenthesis with a range of punctuation
  • Relative clauses
  • Paragraphs
  • Neat handwriting (if you decide to handwrite it)


I would like to see these so it is important that you email me your work or post a picture on the blog. I’m looking forward to reading them and hopefully I can send out certificates and stickers by email for fantastic efforts.



Well done on another hardworking week. Enjoy your VE Day celebrations tomorrow and don’t forget to send any pictures.

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