The School is closed for the February half term break. We open again for keyworker and vulnerable pupils on Monday 22nd of February and live sessions will also resume on this day.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 4th June

Good morning everyone!


Let's start this morning with a sing song...

Task 1: Phonics initial sounds - Find your I spy sheet in your pack

Next, choose something from the picture for example the spoon... spoon begins with S. Think about words beginning with S for the spoon such as Silver Smelly Slimy Spoon!

You could try this with your name too.

Task 2: The Story of Pentecost


Task 3: Make your own Underwater World / Aquarium


  • Find a cereal box or shoe box and stand it on its side so that the front is open.
  • Paint or collage the inside walls and roof with blues and greens to make the water and plants. 
  • Colour the bottom yellow or lay some fabric, coloured paper or sand on it.
  • Collect small pebbles or shells to make the sea bed.
  • Stick some thread on the fish you made the other day or draw/ print out some more.
  • Glue or stick the threads to the roof of your box

Have a look online for any other ideas of things to add or search through your toys. 

Enjoy playing! 

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