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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 1st February

Hello Year 5. I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Welcome to Week 5 of home learning! I am continuously impressed with the way you are working at home and I love receiving your work. There were some brilliant pieces last week! Let’s see if we can continue that this week. All I ask is that you try your best. The boys won the TTRS battle on Friday by a LONG way. The only girls that joined in were Scarlet, Erin and Libby so a big well done to you three!


Here are your lessons for today. Please also read and let me know what you are reading. I’m really missing us reading together as a class.

LO – To answer a range of comprehension questions

Here is the text that we are going to focus on in today’s lesson. It is called The Listeners based on the poem by Walter de la Mare. It’s quite spooky! Please open up the document and read it BUT DON’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS YET! Just read it!

Now go to the school videos page and find your lesson (called The Listeners) where I will read the text to you and guide you through the lesson. I explain in the video it would be good to have the text in front of you if you can print it off. If you can’t, please don’t worry you just need to minimise the video and get the text up when you need to refer back to it to answer a question. There are 14 questions on the video. Pause the video after each question and answer the question in your book. Then press play and continue with the lesson.

When you have finished the video lesson, I would like you to now independently answer the questions on the document. When you send me your work, I should see a total of 24 answers (14 from the video and the 10 from the text.)

LO – To read and interpret line graphs

This week we are going to be looking at statistics and data in Maths. Today, we are going to read and interpret information on line graphs. Please watch the video below which will guide your through your lesson. Then complete the worksheet and mark your work when you have finished.

Read and interpret line graphs

The following task is optional if you wish to complete it. I know many of you can do this!

LO – To investigate the effects of friction, water and air resistance.

Today we are going to continue with our forces topic and we are going to look at the following contact forces: air resistance, water resistance and friction. There are 3 parts to today’s lesson and I would like you to complete them all.


1. Please complete the lesson on Oak Academy. The lesson is all about friction, water resistance and air resistance. Watch the video and complete all the activities that your teacher (called Miss Hummel) tells you to do.

2. Complete the worksheet I have uploaded below. The first 2 tasks on the sheet are simple and the 3rd involves you adding in the correct words to the sentences.

3. Click on the link below to complete the quiz on Kahoot. Remember to choose a sensible name so I know it is you!

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