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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 15th January

Good morning Year 5 and well done for surviving week 2 of home learning! I have to say I am one very proud teacher as most of you are keeping in contact with me well and are sending in some FANTASTIC work. I was so pleased to receive some excellent discussion texts yesterday and enjoyed reading your points of view. Please work hard today and complete your work. Then you can have 2 days off relaxing!


You must send your work by email or the blog.


Wow! I am so impressed with your activity on EPIC reading. Finlay, Noah W and Leo had all read 13 books last time I checked! Altogether as a class we have read over 100 books! Please keep this up. Some of you are yet to login and begin reading so please make sure you do this. There are some great books – especially non-fiction – and the website is really easy to use. Please look on the blog or email me if you need the class code.


I have assigned you a new book to read today and over the weekend. It will help with out topic of Ancient Greece which we will begin when we get back to school!

Reading comprehension and spellings

Today is Friday so we are going to do a reading comprehension and a spelling activity. You must do both of these activities.

  1. Please get your CGP Comprehension book from your pack. Turn to page 4 and read the text ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life of Earth.’ Then answer the questions on page 5. Take your time and think carefully.
  2. Log on to Education City and find your spelling lesson – ‘Spellings 15/1/21.’ Please complete the activity and the worksheet.

LO – To answer a range of reasoning problems involving prime numbers and indices.

This week we have focused on prime numbers and indices (square and cube numbers). Have a look at the slides below which will recap your learning.

Now open up the document below and complete the questions. Mark them when you have finished. No cheating!

The following questions are optional if you finish your work and want an extra challenge.

LO – To develop knowledge of the world’s water and the water cycle.

Today we are going to start our new topic looking at the world’s water. The first part of your lesson in on Oak Academy. Your teacher is called Miss Dhillon and you need to listen to her carefully. Click on the link below to access your lesson. Please complete the quiz at the end.

Then I would like you to create a very neat, carefully drawn diagram which explains the water cycle. There is an example of a diagram below and are lots of pictures on the internet if you want to look at more. Colour it in if you can. I can’t wait to see them.

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