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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 18th June

Good Morning Year 3!

I hope you are all excited for today's learning! 

Please remember to:


-Practise your spellings

-Play on TTRS for 20 mins 



Have a wonderful day, here are today's tasks...


Love Miss Townson 


LO: To solve reasoning problems.

Today I would like you to find the stapled worksheets in your Home Learning pack titled ‘Reasoning with numbers’.

Work your way through both sheets. Read the questions and explanations carefully. I hope you enjoy cracking the puzzles!


LO: To write a list poem.

Today we are going to use your plan from yesterday to write a list poem.

What magical things would you like to find in your rucksack when you go exploring?

Remember to try and include the following:

★ Try to make your items sound exciting by using alliteration – where words start with the same sound e.g. sizzling sun, lazy lion, towering trees

★ Use precise, powerful verbs that show things in a more exciting way e.g. scorching, splashing, glittering

★ Choose unusual things to add to your bag. Be as inventive as you can e.g. a hat made of stars, boots made of spider webs

★ Exaggerate things. Make them: the biggest, the tallest, the sweetest, the fastest

★ Invent new things e.g. a Soupee bird, the smell of clouds


I have put an example below!

I cannot wait to read your interesting list poems, I bet they will be fantastic! I might even put the best one on this week’s newsletter! Make sure they are very neat!

List Poem Example


Have a look at the power point below from Mrs Jones!!

Introduction to Latin American Music

A selection of examples of Latin American music

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