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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another




At St. John the Baptist, we use a method of teaching called 'synthetic phonics' to help children to read and spell. Phonics mainly focuses on 'sounds.' There are 44 sounds in the English Language which are put together to form words. The sounds and their spellings are taught one by one (and recapped continuously) in order for children to be able to read words as soon as possible. Phonics refers to blending and segmenting sounds to read words. Children should be encouraged to 'sound out' words that they do not know and in turn, should be able to read fluently once they are secure on this. 


As a school, we follow the Letters and Sounds programme and children in EYFS and KS1 all receive a daily 20 minutes phonics lesson. Letters and Sounds is split into 6 phases with children starting Phase 1 in EYFS moving through to Phase 6 in Year 2/3. As children all progress at different rates, the whole of EYFS and KS1 have their phonics lessons at the same time to allow children to be taught in the correct phase for them. 


Our reading scheme books support our phonics programme and our books are phonically decodable. 



Websites to help with Phonics
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