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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Year 4, keep up with this amazing attitude at home and keep working hard! Try your best just like you would in school.

Remember you must blog me every day now! Click on the 2016 blog post to see all year 4 blogs and Mr Steele blog post to see mine. If you have trouble accessing and completing any work get an adult to email me so I can help. Parents/careers can email me on:  

Keep reading and logging into TT Rockstars daily also!

Have fun and keep active! Here are your tasks for today:


PE: 21 Day Active Bingo, day 2! Read the instructions on the PDF document below and enjoy being active!


Task 1: English (SPaG)

For our English lesson today we are going to look at tenses. Tenses are linked to verbs and they tell us when an action is happening.

1. Open the powerpoint below named Tenses work. This powerpoint has all the information you will need. On the second slide you are asked to copy the table into your book, and then complete the table as you work through the powerpoint.

The final slide shows you what the completed table should look like so you can check that you have filled it in correctly.

2. Open the word document named 'tenses example questions'. Answer the questions in your book. You can just write the answer, there is no need to copy the whole question.

3. Use the powerpoint below named 'answers' to check if you have answered the questions correctly.

Please blog or email how many questions you got right.


Task 2: Maths

LO: To multiply by 11 and 12

To access today’s Maths click on the links below:

One is the video lesson

One is the work sheets to complete

One is the answers
Watch the video lesson, then click on the activity PDF. You can either print of the work sheet and complete the work, or copy the answers into your exercise book. After you can check your answers with an adult clicking on the answers sheet! BUT NO CHEATING! Enjoy!

11 and 12 times table


Task 3: Music

LO: To make your own Samba Instrument


Have a go at making your own Samba Instrument at home. See which of the instruments you can make using what is in your house and recycling. 


Options: (Google what they look like)


1- Shaker - Try using a bottle or tub and filling with Rice, Pasta or  Beads      ​                      


2- Surdo​​ - How about a bucket and a wooden spoon


3- Tambourim - Maybe a box of tea or an empty ice cream tub


4- Agogo Bells - Glass bottles of different sizes can give you different pitches- just like Agogo Bells 


Once you have your instruments see how many different rhythms you can create using the words and notations we learnt this year.

This link shows a full Samba School at a carnival. There are hundreds of people playing. See if you can hear when each instrument is playing, and when they are breaking down into calls.

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