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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 26th February

Good morning Year 5. You’ve had another brilliant week of home learning and I have been so impressed with the work you have submitted. Thank you all for working so hard. Only one more week of home learning left and then we will all be back together in the classroom! Work hard today and then you can have a rest at the weekend. I think the weather is supposed to be nice so I’m sure you will be able to go on lots of lovely walks.


Here are your lessons for today. Please make sure you email or blog your work.

Reading comprehension and spellings

There are 2 parts to your English lesson today and you need to complete them both.

  1. Please get your CGP Comprehension Book, turn to page 12 and read the extract from The Iron Man. Then answer the questions on page 13. Take your time and use evidence from the text in your answers.
  2. Log on to Education City and find your spelling lesson – ‘Spellings 26/2/21.’ The spellings this week are words that end in able or ible. Please complete the activity and the worksheet. If you cannot print the worksheet out, you don’t need to write out all of the sentences. Just write the correct words!

LO – To calculate the area of compound shapes

Yesterday you found the area of rectangles which was straight forward. Today, we are continuing with area but we are finding the area of compound shapes. compound shape is 2 smaller shapes joined together. To work out the total area, split the shape into the smaller shapes, work out the area of each, then add them together.


Please watch the video which will explain this in more detail. You must watch this as you will find the worksheet difficult if you don’t. Then complete the worksheet and mark your work.

Optional work

Have a go at the questions on the slides below if you want to continue!

LO – To research Greek warfare.

On the day before school closed (the first day back after the Christmas holidays) we started our Ancient Greece topic and looked at the different city states of Athens and Sparta. Watch the video below to recap on this. Sorry about the American accent!

Athens and Sparta: Two Greek City-States

Today you are going to find out about the warfare in Ancient Greece and have a look at Greek soldiers which were called hoplites. Read the information on the slides below and visit the BBC Bitesize website.

Your task is to create an informative page all about Greek hoplites and warfare. You may present this is anyway you wish to. You can do this by hand or on the computer. You could copy and paste a picture of a Greek hoplite into a word document and annotate it.

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