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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 12th January

Task 1

Maths - Adding two groups

Click on the link - Counting with our friends.

Cut out the dice net and make up the dice. 

Roll your dice, count the dots and get that amount of toys.            For example: you roll a 4, you get 4 toys.

Roll your dice again, count the dots and get that amount of toys.

For example: you roll a 3, you get 3 toys.

Then add all the toys together, 4 toys and 3 toys. How many altogether?

Put your toys away and roll your dice again.

Repeat the activity.



Task 2


Click on the link - Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze.

Pirate Pete real and fake words. Pirate Pete likes real words. Can you write the real words on your whiteboard? 

Phonic bingo

Get your bingo card out of your pack. It has 9 squares.

Write these sounds on separate pieces of paper:

m d o g c k e u r b h f

Give the sounds to your parent. 

You need to choose 9 of the sounds for your bingo grid. You can use your whiteboard pen or write the sounds on pieces of paper to put on the squares.

Your parent will show you a sound and if you can say that sound and have got it on your bingo grid you can cross it out.

You can play a few games.

Good luck smiley


Task 3

PD  - Disco Dice

Play some music and enjoy the challenges.


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