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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 19th June

Happy Friday Year 1laugh


It doesn't seem like seven days since I typed that. (I'm getting very good at typing actuallywink)


It was lovely to see Mia in a video that her mummy sent me yesterday doing her dancing to keep her moving (her big brother's a great mover too!) Please start the day with some PE. Vincent and his sister also proved that football in the pouring rain is possible yesterday afternoon so come on, up you get!


Please say a Happy Birthday to the delightful Daisy today. Her Mummy has taken time off work to make her day very special.heart


Today your English work is on Education City. It is called PHONICS FRIDAY 19TH JUNE.




Maths is an assessment and is from Inspire Maths. Please just write the answers and send them to me.



Finally, as it's Friday please find your JOURNEY book.

Look at pages 4 and 5 and think about crossing the road safely. Read and answer the questions.

Who is the safest road crosser?


I have recorded another story. My big girl Shannon's most favourite animal is a Giraffe and the Giraffe is the main character in this story. It is called, Too Tall to Twirl. I hope the Giraffe can find a hobby she likeswink


Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for keeping me busy with your work.

Love Mrs Cloughheart


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