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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 29th January 2021

Hello Year One and a huge HAPPY FRIDAY!


I would just like to say how proud of everyone in Year One you are all working super hard. It is amazing to see so many of you engaged with the home learning. Parents I would like to say thank you, your support is greatly apricated. I know many of you are having to work from home and there are other siblings at home but you are too working really hard, so thank you! heart

A huge WELL DONE as well we have reached 400 books on our Epic Reading this is amazing news.

Congratulations Year One!

Your lessons for today are below, as it is Friday I have tried to make them interactive and fun for you all. Please try your best. Remember today is the day we find out who the School and Home Learner is so keep up the good work.

(make sure to check the school newsletter later on today.)

For your wake up song today I have chosen a celebration song to celebrate all of your fantastic work this week! 

Celebrate - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle



You have all worked super hard this week with all of the challenges I have set this week. From I spy, Bingo and Crack the Code. Each activity you have all used your amazing Phonics knowledge.


Today I would like for you to complete pages 20-21 in your Phonics booklets.


Afterwards please access the game below.


Work hard and enjoy! 



Today please can you use your comprehension booklet and complete pages 16 – 18. I would then like you to access Epic Reading, this morning I have assigned a book called Five Flying Penguins. Please read the book carefully and answer the short quiz at the end.



 Listen to your Math's song for the day.

Then I would like you to access Education city for today’s lesson. The focus is continuing to look at odd and even numbers and being able to identify them independently.

I have also attached another Odd and Even game for you to have a go at playing.

Here are the instructions.

Look at The Moon. If it says 'odd' you need to catch only odd numbers. If it says 'even' you should only catch even numbers.

Every 30 seconds or so The Moon will change.

Move the chimney to catch the numbers.

Have fun

I Know My Number Bonds 10


Again, if you access Epic Reading you will find another assigned task for you to complete. The video assigned will show you how to draw a penguin. I would like you to have a go following the instructions. Once you have drawn a Penguin you may wish to draw more than one and create and Antarctic background for your picture.

I look forward to seeing your fantastic drawings.

Penguin Dance

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe and I will speak to you all on Monday.

Miss Armstrong smiley heart

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